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A Strange Chest

"You might wonder why I'd go to that hell hole. It's the promise of sweet, sweet loot. With it comes the gold, the gear, the scrolls. Using these I can fight tougher enemies, overcome deadlier traps and conquer new levels. I will keep on it until I die, and then someone will take what is mine to do the same."

For one reason or another, sometimes I need to keep things at a distance, but still, somewhere I can find them. This is what this box is for. Some of these items may make into my Yearly Notes, but most of them flies away after a while.

The Mind Flayer

  • Some open loops take time to be processed. I use a mind flayer inside the chest to take care of them.

    • My tabletop solo rpg, The Inverted Tower

      • A random number generator device to be used with the same game

    • Collecting dungeon synth tapes

    • This website you are reading right now.

Last update: April 18th, 2021

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