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Fixing the internet


  • As a grumpy old man, I miss the proto-internet era of BBSs and closed unix systems. I miss the buzz I would get while dialing up, the "I'm connected to people" high that is now long gone. It was a pain to get online, the connection was excruciating slow, but at the same time, it was a real pleasure.

  • Things were chaotic, but naive. I think that also sums up myself, at that time.

  • Now, about the present: the internet is always on. You are supposed to be always on too. It's very easy to get into it, but hard to get out.

  • Everything continues to be chaotic, but now wants to murder everyone. I'm not like that, but I know lots of people who are.

  • I don't want to be part of this. Well, part of me needs to, because I work with technology. But as far as I can, I want distance from the mainstream internet. I want to be miles away from news, hellsites and online people shouting at each other because of politics.

  • To do that, I need to start with a plan. That's what I'm doing here.

  • The target of the plan is myself. I'm aware that I can't fight them. Hellsites have teams of psychologists trying to figure out ways for you to be addicted. I just have my own non-psychologist brain, so I'm not going to try to come up with another social network that will cure everything. I just need to find a way to feel safe while swimming in this sea of shit.

  • The way I see is to put up a couple rules. They are:

    • Avoiding timelines as a plague

      • All nasty websites / apps are based on infinite timelines — Twitter, FB, Instagram, Youtube, Reddit, anything Social. So I do the following:

        • I hide timelines in any websites I need to interact with

        • I block distracting websites using browser extensions

        • I don't have a social apps in my phone

    • No "News"

      • I don't consume "News".

    • On hellsites

      • Consuming sparsely, and indirectly

        • Feeds

        • Feed bridges

      • Participating indirectly

        • Still figuring out this part

        • Currently

          • Using Mercury to post from Roam

        • The Plan

          • Use

    • On smaller communities

      • Still trying to avoid timelines


  • The Internet Vs. The Care of Your Soul

  • 1. No laptop in bed.

    • No internet for at least 30 minutes before you got to sleep.

    • Nothing on your feed reader that posts more than X times per Y.

    • Being bored does not mean you have to check your email.

    • Don’t only read websites related to subjects you know inside and out.

    • For every X feeds that you add to your reader, remove Y.

    • Don’t read email on your phone.

    • If an email upsets you, never respond immediately.

    • Think about the motivations behind the blogs you subscribe to.

    • Don’t read the comments.

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