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Resonance Log


  • Stuff that resonates deeply with my values and principles.

  • Each entry should be written by me, not copy and paste. May include content by others, but I need to at least explain how or why the entry is worth to be added here.

  • Ideas that I'm unsure if they really resonates, are added to Digesting until second order.

  • If something do not resonates anymore, it shall be moved to the archive. Bonus points (to myself) if I explain why I changed my mind.

  • You may ask why the stairs illustration at the beginning of this page. To me, anything that resonates is part of what I am, and I like to think metaphorically: these are the steps I have been climbing and climbing, no end I. sight.


  • Having an audience changes how we perform

  • Experiences over stuff — Usually experiences with other people

The Archive

  • None

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